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Next on the premium list is the Go Go girls in Pattaya.

These are the regular dancers at any of the big Go Go clubs on either Walking Street or LK Metro.

They are the main attraction of Pattaya’s bustling nightlife.

There are an estimated 200,000 girls working in Pattaya, the majority of which come to the city from the less wealthy rural parts of Northern Thailand, referred to as Isaan.

Expect the bar fine to be at least double that of any other Go Go dancer and a minimum of 3,00thb.

On top of that the fee negotiated between you and the girl depends on many factors, such as the chemistry between you, whether she fancies you, or even whether it is high season or not.

Coyote’s are show girls, exceptionally beautiful and talented.

They are hired into the Go Go bars on a nightly basis and are paid a lot more than your usual Go Go dancer.

Although it is hard to guarantee what nights they will be working.They are extremely well paid by the clubs and can easily make more in a night, what most Thai girls make in a week.As such they can afford to be choosey with which customers they go with, if any at all.Be warned, although there is no bar fine to pay in the clubs, picking up a coyote here will be hard work.Being the top of the tree usually means these girls cost a lot more than your average.

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